Lisa LeBel

Founder & CEO

Hi! I am Lisa LeBel. Lisa LeBel Consulting was birth from the experience of over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience.


The Story... #theTea

Her love and passion for marketing began in 1998. She would work in the Marketing Department of Asset Management Services at Raymond James and Associates and learn from the very best in print and on-line marketing. The passion became an addiction.

​Soon, Lisa started her own company in 2008 called PostingDiva, Inc. Her very first customer was a “barter” moonwalk and bounce company in Pinellas County called, A Funny Business Inc. and they are still her client to this very day... They have progressed from client to family, though. :) Naturally. They are number one on Google search engine without paying for Google Ad Campaigns and continue to own the demographics for their area in selling.

Lisa LeBel has helped and serviced medium to small businesses gain leverage on the ‘WWW’ just like larger companies would have access to because of their financial stability.

The question became clear... "Why should Coca Cola and other larger organizations have access to top-notched marketing and branding only because they have the financial capital for it and why should the smaller - medium-sized companies not have access to this same quality and aggressive marketing?" It is all about the almighty dollar when it comes down to it. This is another hot topic with Lisa and customers being ripped off in the marketing and advertising world. Being a business owner, you know you need to "use money to make money" but to be gouged is not gonna happen on her watch! 

​It became her goal and passion to give those smaller to medium-sized companies that edge and level playing field they deserved within a budget. She even accepted payment plans with no credit checks for some projects. 

​Lisa took some time off in 2014-2019 to deal with a personal matter and is now back on track more than ever to help assist companies grow. She has been able to work for firms and save them thousands on wasted money per month on "marketing" they were never getting or lack of quality of service.

​At the very minimum, you deserve a consultation and review of your company's goals, dreams, plans, and implementation. Let's get started!

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