Is your website working for you or against you? 


Here's more #tea (tea = truth) when it comes to my last corporate gig findings:

They were having a local Ocala company build a brand new WordPress site for their electric company. It was taking so much time... Months! Being dragged out and excuses made. The owner had no idea a "template" was being used and it was merely drop and drag information. The very little 3 page site could have been done within 2 hours. Further, I followed up with the owner of the business and said, "What's going on with the SEO...?" He tells me, "Oh, we don't do that."  I was dumbfounded. That's like ordering a pair of sneakers and they don't come with shoelaces! That's like a hamburger without buns

The cost to the owner: $1,500.00

My first thought, was that the owner liked his template design and all he was concerned with was the design. He had no idea that his website was lacking the most important ingredient. You can have the most lavish and beautiful website in the world but lack SEO and it's garbage. You might as well throw it away. Reverse - you could have the worst looking website in the world but the best SEO and beat all of your competitors. I felt hugely responsible. We scrapped his template and started from scratch. Check out my portfolio. I delivered two very different websites with full SEO and mobile optimization within 2 weeks. 



I will deliver in my basic package of 1-3 page website:

  • Fully integrated website to fit your brand, service, and needs

  • Fully optimized mobile website

  • AP to see visitors on your site and interact

  • Training

  • Search Engine Optimization with 3 months of tracking/ tweaking

  • Submission to 16 search engines

  • Indexed with Google

All of this value for: $650

I accept payment arrangements.

Al-La-Carte or Additional Items:

Additional pages will require an additional fee as well as any of these other services I can provide:

  • On-line booking of appointments that sync with your Google Calendar

  • Take on-line payments

  • E commerce / Store linked to actual inventory

  • On-line Chat 

Additional Information:


I do not up-charge for hosting; therefore, you will pay the hosting company directly when it is time to go "live."

Domain Name:

I also do not up-charge for domain names; therefore, you will pay the domain name fee directly to GoDaddy when it's time to link, you can provide me access to the name-servers. You will own your domain name 100%. 

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