I'll start off with asking a few questions...

1) What is the latest algorithm currently in place with Facebook & Instagram?

2) How often does this change?

3) Did you know that Facebook now owns Instagram?

4) How often should you be posting to be seen?

5) What are the best days and times to post?


If you even know a couple of those answers above, I am proud of you. Some of the questions weren't meant to trick you or confuse you, but to give you some measure of awareness. We spend countless hours on social media personally and then add to that for business, but are we even using our time wisely? If a high traffic day is Wednesday from the hours of 11a-2p, why would we post company updates, specials and whatnots any other time or spend all those hours chasing the dragon?

A good social media manager knows how to use the system and is going to make it work FOR you and not against you. You must have a calendar in place and be consistent for your followers to gain trust and traction.

I can either set up your social media for you and teach you or I can set up and manage your accounts for you. Either way, you are going to spend more time on your business making money rather than advertising. I also guarantee I am the most affordable for what I offer. Let's set up some time to discuss a plan! Schedule a free consult now

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