"Should I show my prices on my website or not..."

Man, this is such a good question and has been a routine question to pop up in my business for the last 20+ years. The answer can go both ways... Here's the thought process... You make the choice.

Website with Full Pricing Disclosed:

Sure you are organized and your prices are there for the potential customer to see. You feel good about that. You feel like "there are no secrets..."

First Issue:

You have now given your competitor a point of pricing that they can: match or beat. You've not created a reason for the potential customer to call you and inquire.


Customer goes to your website, sees your pricing and decides to make a couple of other price quotes around town. They call your competitor and say, "Well, ABC Company is offering the same services for $150 per hour can you match or beat that?" They haggle. You're not even welcomed into the conversation to haggle back because you've already listed your prices. The Competitor says, "Sure! We will do it for that price plus 10% off..." Just to get the customer in the door and create an opportunity...

Do you see how you missed out?

Second Issue:

Business is slow for the month and you are really having to work hard to generate appointments. Once you make the appointment, you nearly 99% of the time sell or even up-sell the appointment. SO, it's just a matter of getting the potential customer to call or get to your shop. If your pricing is on-line, the customer can "take it or leave it..." If your pricing isn't readily available, it creates a "Call to Action" to force the customer to inquire via phone, email, or text... At that time, you can evaluate business demands and make the appointment "worth-while."


Customer goes to your website and wants a massage. Doesn't see a pricing but "Call for Pricing..." Customer calls and says, "Hey, how much for an hour long massage..." Owner: "Well, you're in luck. I am offering a special this week and it's $100.00 per hour with a 10% off your next appointment..." You've now generated a special event for this customer with a $50/ discount for today and you are encouraging them to come back with a % off next time! You had that opportunity to tweak things on the spot and make it happen!

Here's a listing of industry companies that I suggest NOT show pricing on their site but post: "Call for Pricing, as We offer Daily Deals..."

  1. Salons

  2. Rental Companies (Bounce houses, Truck Rentals, etc...)

  3. Tax Services

  4. Chiropractors

Gosh, I am sure I could think of more... but if you want to consult with me and talk about your particular company, please set up a FREE 1-hr Consultation with me on my website.

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