Limited time to refresh COVID19 hurt businesses!

As a business owner, I am aware of costs and expenses. I am also aware that that some of you had to close your stores and abide by the COVID19 rules. This hurt your business structure. Some of you will come back refreshed and with vigor... Some will not. It's sad. I wanted to do my part to help those and utilize my talents for the greater good. For a limited time and few at a time in order to honor my terms, I will accept 10 businesses to redesign or design a fresh new website with full SEO included. Your project will be completed within 2 weeks! This is unheard of!

Some companies locally do not do the SEO part. They leave the customer unaware that the most important part of a website was left out. I never build a site without it. Some companies charge thousands for what I am offering. To me, that's unnecessary. Word-of-mouth always blesses me back tenfold. I have over 20 years proven experience.

SO, get a hold of me to work out the terms and let's get started!

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