Haters... Gonna Hate...

Exposing the Truth Requires Hater Blockers...

I better have my hater blockers on for this one... Yes, this is going to be my first blog posting, but it's well deserved and way too late.

Better late than never...

I am Lisa. I have over 25 years experience in marketing and advertising. My work is on-point and speaks for itself. My dedication cannot be linked to any other... My passion... same. Excuse my language, but it comes from a deep passion and desire to help folks see the truth... It can be colourful.

That being said, I am not afraid to expose other companies and organizations for outrageous pricing and failure to deliver on projects for clients.

When I began back in 2002, I noticed a trend. I would get calls for work and the customer would be livid, hurt, angry, confused, non-trusting... I would always have to take a month or two to regain their trust. They would tell me horrific stories... 1) Charged thousands for nothing. 2) Work lasted for months and even years to no end. 3) Confusion.

Those customers would be my clients. I became obsessed with showing them that there were legitimate people out there that were able to "Do what they say and say what they mean." This would create bonds for life. The effort to have to "clean up someone's mess and lies..." torture.

Many years later to 2020 and I notice that it's not stopped. It's gotten worse. We have more than ever "Social Media Marketing Experts..." "Social Consultants..." etc... Everyone is an expert all of a sudden. Companies charge thousands of dollars for barely any work produced but a lot of smoke and mirrors. Small and medium sized companies are bamboozled and "tech-talked" over leaving them confused and thinking they are getting the most of their money and they are not. This is offensive to those who really want to help those companies. This is an insult.

My last gig was for a multi-million dollar solar company and electrician company here in Ocala, FL. I came on board and gave them a "Check-up from the Neck-up." I wanted to see where my skills were needed and what they were lacking. Sure the website looked nice, but was it working for them? I was shocked. They were using a company called Townsquare Interactive.

Townsquare was commissioned to:

  • build them a website for the solar company.

  • post on social media for them and run social media campaigns

  • edit and upload on their website.

Here's what I found out: The website is built on a platform that is "proprietary." Meaning, if you never wanted to do business with them or move your hosting account to another provider, you would have to just waste the site and walk away. My boss was never disclosed this information. We never have full access to the site either. When I came aboard, I wanted to add meta tags and update the headers and I was not allowed to have full access to that feature... Given the reason, "This is for our other department to handle and we don't allow customers access to this level." This also went for the site design/ template. I wasn't allowed to change our very own website. Further, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was never built into the site. I had to do it myself. Was my boss ever told he was going to be sold a template with no SEO or indexing on Google? No! What a waste of money.

You can have the most gorgeous website in the world, but lack SEO and it's shit! Reverse that: You can have the ugliest website on the earth and the best SEO and WIN every single day. Do you even know the difference?

I shut that shit show down immediately. They were being charged $1500 per month for the website hosting and site updates. They were being charged $500 per month for social media marketing.

Inquiring minds wanted to know - "Townsquare, what is this company getting for $500 per month?" I looked... How about ONE social media posting a week on FACEBOOK only. How about the posting had nothing to do with solar whatsoever and it was actually a "Weather Channel" advertisement for Washington, DC. Holy crap! No wonder no engagements, interactions - NOTHING! They were also doing their Google AdSense campaigns for thousands of dollars a month on a site with no SEO.

They told me, "The customer did not provide keywords..." Funny, you have them for the Google AdSense campaigns... #CaughtInLies

All in all and in a matter of 3 weeks of my working there, I saved them $28,000 per year. I had only begun. I found way more waste ahead. The problem is that the owner was so busy doing his craft, that he had no idea of what to ask and expect. He did not have a clue. To be honest, he shouldn't have to know every detail of the job because his number one focus should be his trade and skill... But we should be able to hire companies that do what they say and say what they mean. That's the root of the problem.

I don't mind exposing companies like this - LOOK for yourself at their Google Reviews! Also, do not be fooled by the actual number of reviews. They are an on-line reputation management company... I'll get into that into another blog posting. Actually look at the reviews and days/ etc... Most are 100% fake but you can gather the sentiment from real reviews if you spend the time. Isn't your company worth the time? I'd say so.

All in all, this has driven me to restart my firm. I have publicly posted my pricing. You will be shocked at my pricing as I am shocked with some of the firms out there offering the same (apples to apples) or not even close to what I am offering. Their fees will be in the thousands... Mine won't. I am in business to help the small to medium sized companies grow and prosper. I am not here to gouge and take advantage of those folks.


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