Before you send that FIRST Tweet announcing your business... You should talk to me... or at least someone who has experience in branding and image.

I know you probably have the most amazing idea, product or company, but there's a whole lot to be done before you go "Live..." I can make this process easier by helping to guide you. For example,have you even checked to see if your domain name is available for purchase? If not, does the company name need to be tweaked? Doing things half-assed is not how I do it.... because it's going to cost you a lot more in the end to fix the mess. 

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Your logo is going to be, in some cases, the first and last thing folks remember about your product/ service. What does your logo say about you? Is it busy? Is it clean? Does it convey a good message? 

Let's check out a couple of really bad logos...

I don't know how much was paid for these logos, but clearly there can be different messages for each of these... I know I would not want to operate a Pediatric Center with an image of an adult "male" pelvis in front of a child's face. OUCH... How about Dirty Bird? Does anyone not see a penis and "additional parts..." This image does not make me hungry for chicken. 

Schedule for a free consult! Let's chat. 

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