Every business needs a "Check-up from the Neck-up" and it is recommended to be done just like an oil change in a fine running vehicle... Why is this important? Well, when you review your current marketing model and verify commitments, you get a better understanding of where your money is being invested and if you are getting a return on investment that is acceptable. Some projects can take time... We forget what our vendors "promised" and the real question(s),


"Did they deliver on their promises?" 

"Are they still meeting my needs?"


My last corporate gig was a solar and electric company here in Ocala. The business was established in 1981, yet they had no on-line fingerprint. I did a full investigation/ assessment and found the following horrific details:

  1. Website was built on a platform designed through TownSquare and the customer was never given 100% full control of their own website even after final payment. Website cost: $1,500.00. #WebsiteWaste 

  2. Hosting the site through their platform was $500.00 per month. Hosting just stores the website. This was, at most, a 7 page website. NO frills. Nothing special.  If you weren't happy with this fee, you could NOT move your site to another provider. You simply walked away losing your entire investment. This was never explained/ disclosed. #HiddenFacts 

  3. Social Media Marketing - They paid $1,500 per month for social media marketing. When I looked into this further, I found postings from "Washington Weather Channel" being "boosted" on Facebook on their profile. The company wasn't even marketing industry related material in the proper demographics. I asked them if they charged $500 for just posting to Facebook and the answer was yes. WOW... 

I could go on with my findings. I was shocked. I asked the owner, "How could this happen;..?" They were promised the world and delivered a grain of sand. They were "talked" over and confused. #Idiomatic They didn't follow up to see if they were getting what they paid for.


In a matter of two weeks of my hiring, I saved this owner $24,000 per year. I had only just begun...



I would be more than happy to review and discuss your current plan. I will run a full report on your website and social media standings along with two competitors in your industry. You will clearly see where you sand along with areas of improvement. With your permission, I will also contact the companies you are currently during business with to ensure that what you were told is actually happening and your contract has been satisfied. I will plainly answer any and all questions. We can make a game plan at this time and proceed further. After your check-up from the neck-up, you will feel more in control and confident about your plan and future! Let's get started!

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